cloud solutions cheshireThe security of your business network depends on a number of factors so its important to make sure that your company is doing everything possible in the fight against cyber criminals.

Business IT networks are a target for hackers and organised criminal groups who want to exploit weaknesses in a network often with the aim to take them down in exchange for money.

With around 39% of UK businesses reporting a cyber attack in 2022 its paramount that your IT network is kept secure.

The following points listed in this article highlight why its critical that your business network is safe and secure and being monitored around the clock:


  1. Data Protection: You need to legally keep your customer data secure, if this data is breached it will be damaging for your business in terms of reputation but also financially.
  2. Financial Protection: Legal fees, regulatory fines and lack of customer trust resulting in less sales can all be a negative effect of a data breach on an unsecured network.
  3. Continuity: These days businesses rely on their IT infrastructure to operate efficiently. Without them, simple tasks are not possible Downtime caused by system failures will mean business continuity is affected.
  4. Intellectual property: Keeping trade secrets and innovative ideas within the business is paramount to the success of businesses and a secure IT network ensures your data is safe.
  5. Reputation: If your company experiences a data breach and client data is lost or stolen, the credibility of your business goes down which can be a long lasting problem.
  6. Compliance: Many industries require stringent IT and data standards and complying with them such as GDPR is enforced by law so keeping data secure is crucial.
  7. Productivity: secure, well maintained networks mean employees can work to their potential without disruption caused by cyber threats.
  8. Ransomware Attacks: Being locked out of your own network may seem like a nightmare but it can happen if your network is insecure.
  9. Future proof your business: The costs associated with a secure network are minimal when compared to the cost that threats can cause and by having a secure network you future proof your business infrastructure.


Making sure your network is as secure as possible is about safeguarding your business in terms of productivity, legislation and reputation. Don’t fall short by leaving your network unsecured because the negative effects range from time-wasting to catastrophic for businesses.