As an SME, you probably already have several business services provided to you, for example accountancy and legal advice, but who do you turn to for advice on cloud computing, IT, international ecommerce and other such issues?
In a recently published report entitled ‘Growing Globally’, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants found that fewer than a quarter of UK SMEs are likely to turn to a small to medium-sized accountancy practice (SMP) for help when attempting to globalise their business.
This is in spite of the fact that UK SMEs are more likely to export overseas than businesses in other countries are, yet less likely to establish a base for their operations in foreign jurisdictions.
Ben Baruch, head of SME policy at ACCA, said: “It is clear that more can be done to support UK small business, with more than a quarter not participating at all in international trade, and only two thirds (69%) intending to increase their international trade activities in the coming years.”

Areas with a need for IT advice for SMEs

The report identifies certain areas where advice could be provided for SMEs looking to expand internationally – many of which could equally well prove useful for UK SMEs with solely domestic operations.
These include:

  • Adoption of cloud computing
  • Implementing data analytics software
  • Ecommerce and information technology
  • Software for payroll, employee expenses and compliance
  • Access to cross-border online marketplaces

“SMEs often require external advice before exercising judgement when using these new technologies,” the report states.
“Indeed, working with professional advisers, this data can be used to support the development of the SME’s finance function, which in turn can cater for international growth.”
The report particularly notes concerns about the risks of expansion for growing SMEs – for example the number of new processes required and their workforce’s ability to respond to new workloads – all of which can be mitigated using a scalable cloud computing platform from the outset.

IT and cloud computing advice from the specialists

You wouldn’t ask your accountant for legal advice or your lawyer for financial advice – so why go to an accountant for IT and cloud computing advice?
At Comcare we offer the specialist IT consultancy services you need to implement new technologies like cloud computing, as well as protecting yourself against incoming spam and online threats.
Meanwhile with our managed cloud computing services, you get flexible and scalable access to software over your business network and high-speed internet connection – supporting mission-critical operations from any location, and supporting the growth of your company over the long term in both domestic and international markets.