Pumping and Technical Services Limited is a specialist British pump company in Cheshire with a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise in the design and manufacture of bespoke pumping equipment. A family business since 1978, the Company’s aim continues to be the manufacture of special purpose built pumps for the chemical, petro-chemical and water industries to their own designs and constructed from a variety of exotic materials.
The Challenge
Pumping and Technical Services Limited required the help of an experienced IT consultant to review their IT systems when they began experiencing several issues. The local computer network was struggling to load files and services in a timely manner, emails were taking three hours to arrive and there had been a compromise in network security.
Our Solution
A thorough IT MOT was required, so IT support consultants Comcare were brought in. We discovered that the loading issues were down to a Local SBS 2011 server which was a makeshift computer with only one hard drive and low ram. We recommended this server be replaced with an enterprise server capable of running with a raid disk system and more ram suitable for SBS 2011 to run. A new HP server was put in place and a migration from the old server to the new server was performed.
The email delays were caused by slow server speeds and the POP3 system so the new IT server helped rectify this and email was converted from POP3 to SMTP. There was no protection installed on the server and the company’s computers had different virus scanners installed which was leaving them open to attack. The virus scanners were swiftly removed and new MacAfee Endpoint protection was installed on every computer, allowing a centralised management of the Anti-virus and spyware solution used in the company. In addition, we installed a Comcare Sentinel system to another layer of anti-virus protection and anti-spam scanning.
The Result
As soon as the IT network installation took place, users noticed a vast improvement to the speed and access on the IT network, allowing them to work more efficiently with the available data and services. Email receipt was also greatly improved, going from a three hour wait to an almost immediate receipt of email. This allowed Pumptech employees to communicate more efficiently with their clients and removed the problem of clients contacting Pumptech about emails they had not yet received.
About Comcare
Celebrating over 30 years service to the SME IT Industry, Comcare Technology Limited has acquired a comprehensive knowledge base of the computing needs required to compete in today’s competitive business arena, and have acquired certification to prove our knowledge and experience. With Microsoft Certification and Cisco Certifications, together with our partner program certifications, we are in a perfect position to accurately address all of our clients IT business needs.