How good is your network?

Computers are at the heart of many modern businesses – but is your office network giving you everything you need from it?

A strong business IT network gives you control over your computer systems and authorised access by on-site and remote workers too.

Hardware should be modern, installed correctly and configured for maximum performance; software should be updated regularly to gain access to new features and patch any security problems.

Comcare’s IT networking services let you focus on your day-to-day business activities, so that you can do what you do best while we do what we do best and get your IT infrastructure up to scratch.

Capacity, capability and cost control

 Our IT networking services address the three Cs:

  • Capacity: Make sure your network is large enough to support all of your employees and any cloud platforms you use.
  • Capability: Install the hardware and software you need to benefit from network capabilities like centralised data backup, cloud computing and remote access.
  • Cost control: Effective cost control helps you to achieve maximum return on investment from upgrades to your business network.

These elements underscore our IT networking services, whether you need point-to-point connectivity between just two offices, or a comprehensive network design across multiple locations (WAN).

Hardware that puts the right amount of capacity into your business network and allows you to make the most of your broadband bandwidth for maximum productivity and profit.

Beat the basics 

There are some crucial capabilities that no business network should be without, for instance:

  • Fast, functional email servers.
  • Reliable, scheduled data backups.
  • Safe access to the internet.
  • Secure external access to intranet resources.
  • Central data storage for collaboration and team projects.

Again, to enable each of these capabilities, you need the right hardware installed and configured to work with the bandwidth available to your business broadband connection.

New ways to reach out

Comcare’s IT networking services mean there is no need to hire your own in-house IT team. We are here to help you and can provide ongoing support for any future IT networking projects too.

A good IT network means new ways to reach out to your customers, and new ways to distribute your goods and services; resulting in many businesses providing more flexible online services to their clients, or better online customer support.

To find out more about how Comcare can help you with your business IT network, contact us by email or social network, or give us a call today.

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