Time is running out if you want to comply with GDPR implementation in time for the introduction of the new regulation in May.
The General Data Protection Regulation is due to come into force on May 25th 2018 and puts new responsibilities on businesses that handle personally identifiable data.
Personal data ranges from contact details and marketing lists, to bank account information and card payment details, and even voluntary posts such as those made on social networks and message boards.
It is important that businesses are ready in time for the GDPR implementation date on May 25th 2018, as this follows a two-year transition period, so there is no excuse for late implementation.

How Comcare can help

We have worked with web design and digital marketing specialists Global River and the legal experts at Stonehewer Moss Solicitors to create a comprehensive GDPR audit service that will get all aspects of your business into shape.
This includes:

  • Data Audit – Including website compliance, existing data assets and third-party agreements.
  • Policies Audit – Cookies and Privacy Policy, Data Processors Agreement and Data Sharing Clauses.
  • Records Audit – Register of assets and data processors, data erasure and employee training records.
  • Training for senior management and documented support staff advice compliance.

We also include a range of further services such as CCTV compliance audit, policies for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), a reporting checklist for any future data breaches, and so on.

The cost of GDPR non-compliance

The potential penalties for GDPR non-compliance are huge – up to 4% of your total global turnover in the worst breaches – and the scope is huge too, ranging from big businesses’ marketing databases right down to the comment sections on professional blogs.
If you continue to handle data at all beyond the implementation date, you should make sure you are registered and that your policies are up to date.
With comprehensive GDPR audit services available from Comcare through our partnership with Stonehewer Moss and Global River, you can make sure you are ready for implementation in the remaining weeks, but you need to move fast to get it done in time

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