Comcare work closely with hotels to keep booking systems online, upgrade point-of-sale computer systems and eliminate any dead zones in staff and guest Wi-Fi networks.
We know the value of working Wi-Fi for guests and employees alike – not just in your reception area, but in every room and public space of your premises.
Now a question posted on the Q&A website Quora has highlighted that this is not just a priority for holidaymakers, but ranks as the number one issue for guests.
While individual answers to Quora questions are a matter of personal opinion, the site collates those that receive the highest number of ‘upvotes’.
One question asked: “What’s the one great thing that people would like to see in a hotel room?”
Summarising the responses, Quora lists as its first bullet point: “Free, working, fast WiFi,” followed closely by good availability of electrical sockets including by the bed for charging devices, and even in the safe so items can be left securely to charge throughout the day.
Interestingly, these issues are listed above others that have a clear direct impact on guest comfort, for example how light or dark it is in the room, the availability of a kettle, and access to a proper ironing board.

Better computer networks for hotels

With the peak summer season rapidly approaching, it’s important to invest in better computer networks for hotels whether they are purely staff-facing, or whether you also offer internet access to guests.
At Comcare we can help with the big issues, like finding a server with the capacity to handle all of your data traffic and a leased line with sufficient bandwidth.
But we can also tackle isolated problems such as Wi-Fi dead zones, which might just need the router to be repositioned or a Wi-Fi repeater installed to boost the area covered by your signal.
These are issues that are often easy to resolve with little to no system downtime at all – and we can schedule work to take place at a time when any interruption will have the smallest possible impact on your operations.
Our Testimonials page has honest feedback from some of our past customers in the hotel trade, so you can see the kinds of work we carry out and the extremely high standards we always aim to reach.
To find out how we can help you to overcome any specific issues you face with your on-premise hotel Wi-Fi or computer systems in general, get in touch today and our experts will be happy to advise on the best options.