it support staffHere at Comcare Technology Limited we provide clients with an unparalleled IT support and maintenance service. Using the latest technologies and techniques our cutting-edge approach allows us to meet the needs of small and large business clients throughout both the Manchester and Cheshire areas.

At Comcare, we have the years of experience to allow your company to operate to its true potential by delivering you a robust and reliable computer infrastructure. Our professional IT specialists are dedicated to keeping your business IT systems running 24/7 at optimum performance and with the highest level of security and monitoring available. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Our Services

Cyber Security Solutions

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We install and deploy the latest security patches directly onto our clients networks to ensure the best possible protection around the clock. Cyber threats are a real danger to businesses and ensuring that yours is protected is crucial to operating a successful business.  Our robust security measures and proactive strategies give you the peace of mind that everything IT is being looked after by professionals. From threat assessment to implementing top-tier security protocols, we have you covered.

IT Setups for all types of businesses large and small

We provide a completely custom approach to our IT support meaning that we can accommodate small start up businesses with limited budgets and also large-scale organisations where the best of the best is required. No matter what scale of business you operate, we have a solution that will fit your exact requirements.

Cloud Computing Solutions

For a number of years there has been a major shift for businesses to move their IT operations into the cloud, also known as cloud computing. With this setup your business can leverage the power of the cloud for enhanced efficiency, flexible working from anywhere in the world and improved reliability and security. Our expertise in cloud services allows our clients to optimise resources and streamline their working processes. To discuss how we can help your business, get in touch today.

Hardware Installations

Physical, on-site servers are still required by many businesses throughout Manchester and Cheshire and we find that clients rely on these as well as having cloud computing setups for various parts of their business. Along with servers, we provide computers, laptops, tablets and phone setups for clients who want an all-in-one IT support and hardware service. When you work with us, you no longer need to worry about what hardware will work best for you as we can guide you based on your specific needs giving you exactly what you need.

Networking Solutions

We provide clients with networking infrastructure solutions that are affordable and reliable. Including network design, installation and maintenance, we have the solution to meet your current and future needs.

Wi-Fi Installations and Hardwired Solutions

Depending on your requirements we can provide you with both hardwired and wi-fi networking connections. Keeping you connected and operating at full capacity is our goal and we ensure this by providing 24/7 monitoring.

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Why Choose Us For Your Next IT Project?

Expertise: Our IT team includes a variety of experts who are certified professionals with the expertise and experience to deliver the best for your business.

Custom Solutions: Every business is unique and requires a tailored approach. With this in mind, we ensure that what we provide is to your exact requirements while always aiming to future proof what we do for you.

Reliable and Secure: You can count on us to deliver the very best IT systems and support where reliability and security are paramount to everything we do.

Client First Approach: As a local Cheshire based business, we aim to provide an exceptional service to clients and our client first approach means we stay one step ahead to ensure your IT setup is the best it can be.

Partner with Comcare to experience what a dedicated IT support team can do for your business.