Feeling all at sea every time you think about your new IT system installation? Comcare are here to steady the ship and offer the IT support you need to get your new systems up and running.
We have IT contractors ready to head out across Cheshire, from Warrington to Manchester, to advise on IT hardware installations of new laptops and desktop workstations.
You might need a whole new office network setting up from scratch, or just a new workstation adding to your existing network – we’re here either way to give you the IT support you need.
Comcare supply IT hardware including:

  • New laptops and desktop PCs.
  • Servers and components.
  • Printers and printer ink/toner.
  • Routers and network equipment.

When you call on Comcare for your IT hardware and supplies, you get the expert advice of experienced IT contractors who understand the need for compatible equipment, installed quickly and cleanly, with the security you need to protect against future cyber attacks.
Comcare can create new local area networks shielded from outside internet access, or servers with remote access for authorised users, but complete protection against unauthorised attacks. In either case, you can also have the added peace of mind that comes from scheduled remote data backups of your mission-critical files.
The Comcare difference
Comcare’s IT installation services are designed around you: we offer advice to decide exactly what you need, we install it on your premises with the minimum of disruption, and we can provide continuing support for any future problems you might face.
This ongoing relationship with our customers means that when you need upgrades or new IT equipment in the future, we can recommend compatible hardware and have it with you often within 24 hours.
We can respond quickly, getting new hardware delivered and installed for all kinds of reasons:

  • Planned upgrades.
  • Replacement of broken equipment.
  • Expansion of existing networks.
  • New peripherals eg printers and scanners.

Our partnerships with major IT hardware manufacturers mean we can recommend the best equipment for the problem you are trying to overcome, to tackle network bottlenecks, replace outdated hardware and software, or just to get an extra workstation up and running in a hurry.
So next time you’re adrift in a sea of technical terms, jargon and incomprehensible hardware, call on Comcare as your first port in a storm – you can contact us by telephone, email or social networks for help with IT system installation across Greater Manchester, Cheshire and beyond.