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New Microsoft Phishing QR Scam

A fake email pretending to be from Microsoft is circulating asking users to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Microsoft account. Whilst we recommend using 2FA, this fake email is never the way we would ask you to enable 2FA. The email contains the subject similar to this “COMPANY NAME-Notification for Msg#253456952298” With

September Patch Tuesday 


September Patch Tuesday Microsoft has started pushing out September’s security fixes. Included in this month’s security fixes is another Windows zero-day vulnerability already being exploited by attackers, Microsoft has confirmed. Users are advised to apply the security updates as soon as possible. If you are under Comcare support, we will be installing the updates for

The Immediate Threat Of Ransomware And How To Prevent It

The Immediate Threat Of Ransomware And How To Prevent It

Until relatively recently, ransomware was probably not a major threat for most ordinary computer and internet users – infections were often picked up only by visiting less reputable websites in the darker corners of the worldwide web – but with high-profile attacks like that on the NHS, this has all changed. The so-called ‘WannaCry’ attack