Cabling solutions for your business

  • Easy Management: Well structured cabling means management is easy and well organised.
  • Adaptability: With future growth in mind well structured cabling can quickly and easily be expanded to meet your needs.
  • Decreased downtime: With well organised cables, finding an error is quick meaning less downtime than an unorganised cabling setup.
  • Cost Effective: Being well organised from the outset will save you time and money on future upgrades or adaptions to the network making it a cost effective solution.
  • Rapid Scalability: As your business grows, so can your network. With our structured cabling setup adding more access points is simple and completely scalable.
  • Solid Reliability: When installing a cabled network we use the latest technology to ensure that you get the most reliable network.
  • Secure Network: With security features and functionalities that only the authorized users can access, our cabled networks are secure.
  • All Cables Covered: Types of cabling we install include and not limited to are; Cat5e | Cat6 | Cat6a | Cat 7 | Single-Mode Fibre | Multi-Mode Fibre

New installs, upgrades and expansions

No matter what size of business you have, Comcare are on hand to handle your project. We can install new network infrastructures, upgrade, or expand your existing network.

We understand that this can often feel like an overwhelming task, so rest assured, our engineers are on hand to help implement all types of commercial data cabling services.

Strong and robust network design

Our experience of installing cable networks means you get a strong and robust design that can be deployed with ease.  Combine this with our remote monitoring service and you have the very best in security and reliability.

Speak to us today to discuss your cabling needs and we can provide you with a tailored quotation that fits your specific business needs.

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Comcare are able to schedule cabling outside of normal working hours to prevent downtime. Our friendly team of experts are on hand to help, give us a call on 01925 750280. We look forward to talking to you.

Trusted and Approved Suppliers

The support we provide is to the highest standards and we are proud to be partners of some of the worlds well known brands.

Customer Testimonials


5 star IT Support

“Comcare carried out all the pre-planning and site surveys on our behalf without any disruption to our business. They also liaised with our leased line provider to find the best and most cost-effective solution and made all of the arrangements for the installation.

Once the final proposal was agreed, the work was carried out in a timely and efficient manner and within budget. The hotel did not suffer any downtime or interruption to our business. A job well done, I would not hesitate to recommend Comcare.”

Diamond Lodge Hotel owners
Diamond Lodge Hotel


5 star IT Support

“Comcare have provided a fantastic personal service and their knowledge of comms and IT is second to none. At Lymm radio it is essential we run a slick operation and our broadcasting steam relies on a number of key partners. Comcare look after all our IT systems and backups ensuring we are running 24 hours a day to deliver a reliable and trusted radio service for the local community. They can dial in at a moment's notice and manage any issues remotely. I would highly recommend them. They are only a call or email away and local to us and being a family business they care. ”

Station Director Paul Smith
Lymm Radio


5 star IT Support

“Airparks have utilised Comcare for over 12 yrs and I can offer nothing but praise for their ‘can do’ attitude and constant support.  We have taken them up on their 24/7, 365 cover which provides the executive team with piece of mind that the operation critical services deliver at all times.  They work as an extension to the internal team, an IT department that provide all services from hardware purchasing through to support, infrastructure guidance and project management.   I cannot praise the Comcare team enough and would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Oliver Ashford
General Manager