There are several layers of protection:
Anyone with access to company computers, servers and email should be made aware about the dangers of malicious email and phishing scams. A training program to inform users about the dangers and how to be diligent and spot the potential hazards is a must.
Even the most educated and diligent users are not immune to human error, education on its own is not adequate protection.
Comcare can provide training if required – please call for details.
Preventing viruses and malware entering the business is the best way to protect against a Cyber Attack. Adopting a layered approach will provide even better protection by implementing antivirus, firewalls and web filtering. It is essential that each component is installed and configured correctly and always kept up to date.
Comcare use cutting edge technology to provide these layers of protection and ensure that they are kept up to date to provide effective security.
Software updates and security patches are regularly released by Microsoft and should be implemented as soon as they are released, tested and deemed safe and convenient to install. Old, unsupported software will not receive any patches and is therefore unsafe – it is vital to ensure that your operating systems and software are current and fully supported.
Comcare clients who are covered by a support contract can rest assured that updates and patches are automatically installed upon release.
It is vital to maintain regular and effective backups of your entire IT infrastructure. Ransomware will attack live data but backup data will be unaffected and can be restored once an infection has been eradicated.
As part of Comcare’s support contract, backups are monitored and checked on a daily basis so you can relax knowing that your vital data is safe.
All businesses should instigate a robust password policy. Many users have ineffective and weak passwords. Strong passwords help reduce risk and should be changed regularly.
Most virus and malware infections are spread through email attachments, downloads, macros and social media. Mail and web filtering can be put in place and configured to block potentially suspicious attachments and pop-ups and latest versions of Microsoft Office can disable macros thus reducing the risk of infection significantly. A company policy to regulate and restrict user’s rights and privileges can extend protection across the business thus improving productivity and maximising network security.
Comcare can provide a range of solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.
If an attack is suspected TURN OFF IMMEDIATELY and call your network administrator / support provider.
If an infected device (PC, laptop, mobile device) is switched off at an early stage of a suspected attack, this can prevent the infection establishing itself and prevent it spreading across the business.
Comcare’s advice is NOT to pay any ransoms – call us for advice, we’re here to help.