Based in Bromborough on the Wirral, Alyson France Solicitors specialise in Personal Injury and Accident Claims. With clients throughout the whole of England and Wales, they mainly use emails to communicate with their clients but still offer old-fashioned customer service and the ability to speak to someone on the phone if desired.
Alyson France Solicitors have been using Comcare as their IT support company for over 15 years and when their existing IT network began to creak under the strain in 2014, they naturally turned to their chosen IT consultancy for expert advice.

The Challenge

We performed an IT MOT and identified a number of areas that needed improvement. The ageing server and workstations were impacting on performance and a lack of storage space was becoming a problem as more and more documents were being scanned for safe keeping and archiving.
With a rapidly growing client base spread far and wide, better technology needed to be embraced for claims to be handled in a faster and more efficient manner. A reliable email system along with safe and secure storage of data with easy retrieval, was crucial to the efficiency and growth of the business.

Our Solution

After looking in detail at the IT performance and storage issues, we could clearly see that the existing server had reached the end of its useful life and a new network server needed to be installed. We recommended a state of the art Hewlett Packard file server with ample capacity to provide for existing needs but also had upgrade and expansion capabilities to allow for five years of growth.
We installed a tape backup system that was capable of backing up existing and any increase in future capacity, thus ensuring a good return on investment. The existing Operating System was end of life and unsupported, so an upgrade to the latest Microsoft version was included in the specification.
The workstations had slow processors, poor memory capacity and unsupported operating systems. We installed replacement workstations which could be cloned throughout the organisation for continuity and keeping installation time and costs to a minimum.
As well as the IT system installation, we reviewed the company’s Software Licensing policy and determined that Microsoft’s Open Licence Plan was the best option. Close liaison with the vendor of the company’s specialist Accident Management Software guaranteed that the correct versions of MS Windows and MS Office were installed to work in line with their software.

The Result

With improved performance throughout the entire IT network, email at Alyson France Solicitors is now a fast, efficient and reliable method of communication. Data storage is no longer a problem with ample disk space and a reliable backup regime ensuring all data is secure and easily accessible.
With on-going it support from Comcare, which includes daily checks and monitoring of essential services and network performance, the Management can rest assured that their IT is in safe hands and get on with what they do best – running their own business.